2021 Desires Crystal Grid


DESCRIPTION:  This is our new, limited edition 2021 Desires Crystal Grid. It was specifically designed to assist you in achieving all of your needs and desires in 2021. You can assemble this grid at any time but around New Year’s Day is recommended. For maximum effect, activate the grid using a wand or Grid Activation Spray.

SIZE:  The grid is 5 x 7 inches. The sizes of tumbled stones will vary.

What’s Included: a 2021 Desires grid, complete instructions, 24 individual tumbled crystals, and 1 Clear Quartz pyramid or point.

List of Included Crystals:

    • • Rose Quartz
    • • Rhodochrosite
    • • Citrine (2)
    • • Ruby in Zoisite (2)
    • • Pyrite
    • • Tiger’s Eye
    • • Amazonite
    • • Moss Agate
    • • Jade
    • • Carnelian (2)
    • • Sunstone
    • • Desert Rose
    • • Onyx (2)
    • • Amethyst
    • • Aquamarine
    • • Smoky Quartz
    • • Blue Chalcedony
    • • Agate
    • • Black Tourmaline
    • • Chrysocolla
    • • Clear Quartz

Focus Stone: Your Focus Stone is a Clear Quartz Pyramid. Clear Quartz amplifies whatever energy or intent is programmed into it and continues to broadcast that energy throughout the world and into the etheric realms. This works to accelerate the fulfillment of one’s desires.

Way Stones: Your Way Stones are Rhodochrosite (Love), Ruby in Zoisite (Success), Tiger’s Eye (Wealth), Moss Agate (Health), Carnelian (Luck), and Desert Rose (Hope). Each Way Stone was chosen for its particular ability to amplify or assist with a specific need or desire. We recommend placing the crystals down on the grid in order of what you would like or need the most.

Desire Stones: Your Desire Stones are Rose Quartz (Love), Citrine (Success), Pyrite (Wealth), Amazonite (Health), Jade (Luck), and Sunstone (Hope). Each Desire Stone was chosen for its particular ability to amplify or assist with a specific need or desire. We recommend placing the crystals down on the grid near their connected Way Stones. You can see a suggested placement on the reverse side of this card.

Monthly Stones: Your Monthly Stones are Onyx (1), Amethyst (2), Aquamarine (3), Smoky Quartz (4), Blue Chalcedony (5), Agate (6), Ruby in Zoisite (7), Onyx (8), Carnelian (9), Black Tourmaline (10), Citrine (11), Chrysocolla (12). Each of these crystals were chosen based on ancient and modern birthstones as well as the zodiac.

Assembly Instructions: Place your Focus Stone (F) down first. Then, place each Way Stone down in the order of your desires. For example, if you desire love first, wealth second, luck third, etc., place the stones down in that order. Next, repeat the same process with the Desire Stones. Make sure the crystals for each desire are close to one another. The Way Stone for love should have a line connecting to the Desire Stone for love, for instance.

Once the inner grid is completed, activate the grid with either a wand or spray (if using). Finally, once a month, you will place down one new crystal for that month. The new crystal added for each new month will help reinforce the energy for your desires and bring the needed energy to achieve what you’re looking for into the new month. We recommend keeping the grid assembled and somewhere within your personal space such as a bedroom or workplace.

Primary Uses: The 2021 Desires Crystal Grid is used to help fulfill your wishes and desires for the new year. It specifically was built to bring you love, success, wealth, good health, added luck, and renewed hope for yourself and the future. Once the grid is built, a new crystal is added for each month of the year as it begins. This works to reinforce the crystal energy each new month. The Clear Quartz crystal in the center is used to connect all of the crystal energies together and amplify your desires out into the Universe.

More Information: This unique grid design was created by a local artist and you won’t find it anywhere else! It is a Crystal Vaults exclusive and also a limited edition. It will be sold during the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021 for a limited time and then it will never be sold again.

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