Mystery Box – Retail value over $200


DESCRIPTION: Ever want to just wander in a crystal store and fill a box with goodies – then get a really good deal? Now you can. We have a number of Mystery Boxes now for sale (while supplies last). Each of them has a variety of crystals, stones, and crystal-related products like clusters, palm stones, spheres, etc. The retail value is over $200! The contents are labeled so when you go to explore your box you will know what you have found.

Please Note: Mystery Box can contain just about anything you have seen at Crystal Vaults. All sales are final. No returns. Not accepting offers.

WEIGHT: 2 lb. 2 oz

USES: Each mystery box is an adventure.  Share the adventures with loved ones, especially kids and other crystal lovers.

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Each mystery box is different.  You can possibly expect a cluster from the Himalayans and varied-shaped crystals in all crystal types.

We have assembled these boxes from the odds and ends of our purchases.  Sometimes we have a few of something left after sales, or we have more of some things that we will need.  Sometimes we just get a really great deal on some crystals.  Regardless of the reason, we like making these mystery boxes, and we have delighted customers that like receiving them and giving them as gifts.