Scorpio Candle


DESCRIPTION: Scorpio Candle. This candle has been specially formulated by our Certified Crystal Alchemist to bring success, relaxation, and enhanced communication skills. You can choose your own scent, but we recommend Eucalyptus &  Peppermint. This candle includes includes an Aquamarine pendant necklace that can be left around the candle for decoration or taken of and worn as a necklace.

This candle is 100% natural soy wax that is hand poured in our workshop. The wicks are constructed from natural flat cotton threads interwoven with paper threads that produce a rigid structure. They are lead and zinc free. Approximate burn time is 48 – 56 hours.


SOURCE: Earthsong Studios

SIZE: 8 oz soy wax candle.

PRIMARY USES: Aquamarine is known as a calming stone. It is helpful in dealing with issues involving the Throat Chakra, such as enhancing communication skill and overcoming the fear of speaking outloud. A stone of natural justice, Aquamarine utilizes compromise and negotiation, and gives quiet courage and clear reasoned words in confrontational situations. Visit our Aquamarine page.

Scorpios are complicated, independent, and creative. Sometimes finding what makes a Scorpio happy is difficult. The only thing that can hurt a Scorpio is for them to be emotional. Scorpios are very sensitive and jealous. They rarely are actively social with other people but they know exactly what’s going on that matters to them. If they truly believe in a goal they will accomplish it no matter what. You wouldn’t believe how loyal these Scorpios are even though they never forgive and forget. They are not very good at letting things go. On the bright side, they have a hilarious sense of humor. Scorpios are great and excellent leaders and sometimes are a bit competitive.Visit our Scorpio page.

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Product Details

  • Do not leave candles unattended while burning. Keep out of reach of children. It is not recommended to burn the candle for more than 4 hours at a time. Keep away from things that catch fire. Never touch or move hot candle.
  • There are some aesthetic differences in soy wax; cosmetic frosting may occur. Frosting in soy wax candles is a natural byproduct of natural wax and in no way affects the burn ability or fragrance of the candle. It may occur on the surface of your candle due to extreme changes in temperature. After lighting your candle is where you would most commonly see frosting occur due to the temperature difference of the room and the candle.
  • Since soy wax is natural, it dries much rougher than paraffin or mix wax. We strived to make the candles as aesthetically pleasing as possible, however, there will always be some sort of small flaw. It’s worth noting though that frosting is a sign of purity, meaning that the candle is 100% soy with no other additives.

    Aromatherapy is not meant to fragrance your home. However, you will find that this candle will fill a small area with aroma.

    As everyone is different, no claims are made on what exact effect the essence will have on each individual. Please note that this essence is not a substitute for medical treatment, nor is it a medicine.

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