“Yes or No?” Crystal Tarot Reading


Star Grotto exclusive –  reading by Nicole


Purpose: To find a solution to a simple yes/no question.

A one-card tarot reading may not seem like there is much going on, but remember the way that tarot cards are designed. Each card contains a whole story that is told through symbolism and through the individual art of the card. A simple one-card reading can help to answer a “yes or no” question with both directness and complexity.

I am Nicole, the resident Tarot Master here in the Star Grotto.  I will draw a single card and give you a direct answer and a simple solution from the reading.  I know that the crystal associated with the card that is drawn can also help with dealing with the answer. It will be identified and explained a bit about its use.

This service is provided by email.  Your answer will be sent the next business day after I get your order. It will include the answer to your question, and an explanation and interpretation of the card drawn.   It will also provide pictures of your personal tarot reading and the individual card.

We offer this as a “benefit” to our loyal Crystal Inner Circle members.

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Must be a “yes” or “no” question.

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