Fast Luck Pocket Ritual


DESCRIPTION: Fast Luck Pocket Ritual. This is a Yang energy Sun-focused Ritual for Fast Luck. Take it anywhere and keep it ready for any gambling plans. It can bring more luck for games of chance and for opportunities. Use before important interviews or gambles.

Now you can take your crystal and herbal magic with you anywhere. This Pocket Ritual for Fast Luck is a complete crystal ritual in a self-contained travel case, and the case is the altar allowing the ritual to be performed anywhere easily.  

The kit contains a tea light, a Green Aventurine bracelet (the circle of luck), 4 Lapis Lazuli stones, a packet of special herbs, a vial of anointing oils, and instructions.

Read the simple instructions below (they are included in the kit, too).

Size: 5.5 x 3.5 x 1 inch tin window container. Up to 1/4 inch crystals. Approximately .2 oz of herbs. The droppers are 3 ml.

Primary Uses:  This Fast Luck Pocket Ritual is your travel companion to use to easily bring the magic of crystals and herbs to your life for more luck and opportunity.

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How to use this kit for Fast Luck:

Remove the items from the kit, and close the lid to use the case as your platform. Put a few drops of the lucky oil on the candle, then spread a pinch or two of the lucky herbs on the candle to dress it for the ceremony.

Next place the dressed candle in the middle of the top of the case.  Then arrange the Green Aventurine Bracelet in a circle around the candle.  This is the symbol of the Sun, and we are seeking its energy for luck.  Next at the corners of the altar, we place the four small Lapis Lazuli crystals to complete the altar and prepare it for a simple candle lighting ceremony.

The ritual is one of simply lighting the candle with the expressed, focused intention of the Universal Mind bringing us luck in a particular activity. You specify the activity here.  After a few minutes, you can extinguish the candle and put your ritual kit away to reuse.  Just add the oil and herbs each time you repeat the ritual. Good luck. Once you have completed the ritual, wear the bracelet while you gamble to bring luck with you. 

You can easily replace the candle and use the ritual kit for many years.