Full Snow Moon Ceremony


On the night of the full Snow moon, Master Erynn will combine the ancient methods of Feng Shui with the Snow Moon energy in a one-of-a-kind ceremony. It is through this ceremony that a select few crystals will be attuned to the intentions of your choosing.

As Master Erynn usually does, she will be making the journey to the beach for the moonrise over the ocean. She is offering this as a special add-on for your chosen crystal. If you would like your crystal to travel with her and absorb some of this powerful energy as the moon rises over the ocean horizon before it is placed in the ceremony, you can also add this option from the drop-down menu to your order in ADDITION to the crystal of your choice.

* You must add BOTH the crystal and the ocean moonrise options. *

This month, Master Erynn is offering a few different kinds of selected crystals for this ceremony. White Calcite hearts, Selenite pyramids, and Selenite spheres can be chosen from the drop-down menu. 

The Snow Moon is named after the snowstorms that often occur during the wintery season. With this snowy time of year, we find that the natural world seems to be a much quieter, calmer place. As many animals hibernate, trees go dormant, and everything is much more peaceful. Like the snow-covered forests, we too need a time of stillness. This makes this particular period of time perfect for turning our focus inward. It is through introspection that we truly learn our deepest selves and spirit.  It is here that we learn our most inner truths, allowing us to heal and move forward in life.

The ceremony will be performed on the Magician’s Wheel, an incredibly powerful dedication that seeks the highest power of blessings to ensure your intentions are fully manifested through the Universal Life Force.

*IMPORTANT NOTE* With each order you will need to include in the boxes on the listing your intention that you would like attuned to your crystal. Also, please include the name for whom the intention is to be set. This intention will then be paired to your crystal that will be sent to you at the end of the ceremony. A certificate of authenticity is included.

*This ceremony will be performed February 5-6, 2022 during the Snow Moon.  

Do you have a loved one that needs a boost from the Universe? These are not just for personal needs, they also make great gifts for your loved ones!

During this special event, we have a very limited number of each crystal to charge with your intentions so get yours while you can!
The Magician’s Wheel

The magician’s wheel, or “Rami Wheel,” is a derivative of the magical arts of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. This magical wheel uses the four elements of Fire, Water, Air, and Earth in a circle of magic sand. The wheel is developed and forms the basis of several ceremonies including the Ceremony of the Wheel of Destiny, the Ceremony of the Wheel of Desire, the Ceremony of the Wheel of Protection, and more. The basics are a circle drawn on a consecrated altar. The circle is then quartered. Then, carefully, crystal sands are placed in each quadrant and arranged (usually with a small flat stick) so that the sands cover the quadrant but not the separating lines. These are the “sands of time”. There are four. Each represents and brings specific energy to the ceremony.

In the upper left quadrant, a small candle (usually a tea light now) is placed to bring fire energy. In the upper right, quadrant a small vial of special breath or air is placed. A small dish of sacred water is placed in the lower left quadrant. In the lower right quadrant, a small dish of herbs or earth is placed.

The wheel is completed as the ceremony is conducted. Each addition to the wheel from the layer of crystal sands to the final lighting of the candle is a step in the ceremony. This wheel is not known to the public and is not discussed on any known websites.

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