Full Moon Attuned Howlite Palm Stone for Illumination


This ceremony is conducted every couple years when the Full Moon occurs as it transits the Mansion of the Snows.


Snow is joy. It is rejuvenating, it inspires a sense of wonder. Snow gives us pause to admire the intricate beauty of a snowflake. It is newness, and gives us a fresh take on life, as it often disrupts the mundane world of being on time. A fresh snowfall is pure calmness. It evokes stillness, reverence, and a childlike inner happiness. Snow, like all beauty, is also fleeting.


When the moon is full in the Mansion of the Snows, take the time to see the wonder of life. Go outside, regardless of the weather. Feel alive, feel free, and feel human. Take a new perspective on your life from this time. You are an Earthling. The world is a wonder, so bring some of that wonder into your life today.


One crystal connected with the Mansion of Snows is Howlite. Howlite’s purpose is to nourish and enlighten one’s heavenly body while also demonstrating the abilities that one’s soul may provide to this world. THe the pure white snow that gently drifts down, Howlite signifies purity. It brings illumination to your life and provides a sense of hope and freedom.


You can tap into this powerful cosmic energy with us. You can find the power in yourself. We can help.


Do you have a loved one that needs a boost from the universe? These are not just for personal needs, they also make great gifts for your loved ones!


*IMPORTANT NOTE* With each order you will need to include in the notes section at checkout your intention that you would like attuned to your crystal. Also, please include the name for whom the intention is to be set for. This intention will then be paired to your Howlite Palm Stone that will be sent to you at the end of the ceremony. A certificate of authenticity is included.

*This ceremony will be performed April 16-17, 2022 during the Full Moon of the Mansion of the Snows.  


The Magician’s Wheel

The magicians wheel, or “Rami Wheel,” is a derivative of the magical arts of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. This magical wheel uses the four elements of Fire, Water, Air and Earth in a circle of magic sand. The wheel is developed and forms the basis of several ceremonies including the Ceremony of the Wheel of Destiny, the Ceremony of the Wheel of Desire, the Ceremony of the Wheel of Protection, and more. The basics are a circle drawn on a consecrated altar. The circle is then quartered. Then, carefully, crystal sands are placed in each quadrant and arranged (usually with a small flat stick) so that the sands cover the quadrant but not the separating lines. These are the “sands of time”. There are four. Each representing and bringing a specific energy to the ceremony.
In the upper left quadrant, a small candle (usually a tea light now) is placed to bring fire energy. In the upper right, quadrant a small vial of special breath or air is placed. In the lower left quadrant, a small dish of sacred water is placed. In the lower right quadrant, a small dish of herbs or earth is placed.

The wheel is completed as the ceremony is conducted. Each addition to the wheel from the layer of crystal sands to the final lighting of the candle is a step in the ceremony. This wheel is not known to the public and is not discussed on any known websites.

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