Beautiful hardwood Egg Shaker


DESCRIPTION: This is a beautiful wooden egg shaped shaker with a pleasant sound.  These are particularly effective in awakening the spirits of small crystals.

Height in Inches: 3

Diameter in Inches: 2

NOTE:  Although we do not seek to bear the official fair trade certification, our musical instruments from Bali are crafted in a very peaceful environment where working conditions are ethical.

•DURABLE HARDWOOD: These egg shakers are built with a sturdy hardwood shell that can endure rough play while still creating a pleasant sound.

•IDEAL FOR BEGINNERS: For children just beginning in music, shakers are great for developing motor skills, a sense of time, and an ear for basic rhythms.

•PLAY IN GROUPS: Egg shakers are great complimentary instruments when teaching kids how to layer rhythms with each other.

•EASY AND FUN LEARNING: The egg shakers are perfect foundational instruments to teach kids basic rhythms and technique.

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Just fun to hold and shake, and effective in awakening crystal spirits.  WARNING:  Kinda hard to put down.  We warned you!