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Keeping the Spirit Alive Crystal Grid

This grid is specially designed for bringing some peace and joy to you and your home.

This grid is based on the Atlantean Bar, an authentic waveform found on an  Egyptian sarcophagus,  It is a design of spiritual power.  

Your Focus stone is an Sodalite pyramid. It dispels mental confusion, stilling the mind to allow new information to be received, and brings an enlightened perspective on life. Sodalite increases consciousness, idealism, and striving for the truth, and eliminates guilt and fears better than any other stone.

Your Ways stones are Angelite. It is a stone of angelic calming energy, excellent for purifying the emotional body. It helps you to speak your truth and encourages communication and self-expression. Angelite also helps attune oneself to a higher frequency.

Your Desire stones are Sunstone. Known as a joyful stone, Sunstone inspires the nurturing of self in order to be of service to others. It restores the enjoyment of life, good nature and provides a sense of abundance.

SIZE:  The grid is 8 x 10 inches and comes with all stones and instructions.

Uses;  This is a powerful grid for joyful times.

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Using the Grid

Place the grid in an open and quiet area of your home. A form of water should be placed near the grid as well.Whenever you pass by take a deep breath close your eyes and see the Universal Life Force begin to flow into the Focus stone like a beam of light from above.  See the energy flow from there through the grid design to Way Stones and grow.  Then see it flow outward from the grid into your environment through the Desire Stones.