“What Stress?” Exotic Crystal Elixir


Description:  “What Stress?”  an Exotic Essence of Peach Heulandite and the Mansion of the Snows Crystal Elixir

Exclusive Limited Edition

Note:  This product is only available during the month of December 2021,

From time to time do you need to “de-stress”?  If If so, this is your crystal elixir!

This Exotic Essence can be yours free if you join the Crystal Inner Circle during the Month of  December. (Don’t worry, when you join, Erynn will make sure you get the code to order one of these for FREE – just cover shipping)

Yes, that is right:  This exclusive and limited edition crystal elixir is created by the Crystal Masters of the Crystal Inner Circle.  It is available to all, but you can get it free by joining the Crystal Inner Circle this month.  You can learn more about the Crystal Inner Circle and its amazing benefits here: crystalinnercircle.com/cic1

This is an exotic crystal elixir that is only available this month. 

This is an essence of helping your mind and soul get a some respite from the hurried, hectic days we all seem to face.  .    This exotic essence is made by a Crystal Master using the magical energy of a very select and prepared rare Peach Heulandite crystal and the calming essences of the Mansions of the Snows Crystal Elixir.  

Really,  are you stressed?

Stress this time of year? Yes… and we have something that can really help this month.

Use this Exotic Elixir “What Stress?” in your bath. Just 6 drops will do wonders. And add a drop to each wrist each morning. Wow. You will almost feel the calmness slowly bring your frazzled nerves under control. You might not get all the way to “mellow” but you will certainly head in that direction.

This is one of the three Exotic Crystal Essences available all month in the Crystal Inner Circle.  Join today and you will be able to purchase the other two December Exotics:  “Clear Insight” and “Protection from the Storm.”  Both of these are only available in the Crystal Inner Circle and only in December 2021. 

Size: 1 oz.  However this is a concentrate that makes 5 oz of essence.

Primary Uses:  Use this essence whenever you need calming and freedom from the stress of life for awhile.

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This Exotic Essence is a concentrate. Mix it with 4 oz of water to make 5 oz.  Then you can put some back in the bottle to use.  Get a small ice cube tray, the kind that make 1 cm cubes.  Then use it to freeze the rest of the essence into small cubes.  Store the cubes in a plastic container with a lid in your freezer.  When you need some more of this essence just thaw a few cubes.  This way it will last for years.

To use:  Just dab 3 or 4 drops on each palm and rub them together.