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Self Confidence Crystal Grid

Marcus Tullius Cicero In life, confidence is key. If you do not believe in yourself, then no one else will. Self confidence is the confidence in one’s self and in one’s powers and abilities. This grid will support you with positive energies that you will need in achieving great confidence. It will allow you to gain a great level of faith in yourself so you can accomplish the goals you wish to overcome.


The grid is the Atlantean Bar: A rare and unique design for building confidence


The first step in gaining confidence is to gain a great sense of self-worth. A Citrine crystal will be your Focus stone. Its bright golden rays will support you with the energies of inner strength, courage, and drive. It will serve as a barrier from negative energies you may feel about yourself.


Your Way stones will be blue Tiger’s Eye. Their deep dark blue color brings about the energies of virtue, wisdom, and dignity. In order to gain confidence, you must have a sense of dignity. This Seeker crystal will make your path to confidence easier to reach.


Your Desire stones are red Jasper. Red Jasper is known as a stone of vibrancy and endurance. Its steady frequency calms the emotional body creating a lasting, stable energy. It is a stone of empowerment, courage and strength. It works to build confidence and overcome insecurities.


The grid should be placed in a bright, sun-filled area of your home, or office. The best areas to place the grid in are the North, Northeast, Southwest, and South areas of your home. Place the Focus Stone first. Place it with meaning and feel the sense of self worth fill you. Then, place the Way Stones with dignity. As you do, think about all of the reasons why you honor and respect yourself. Finally, place the Desire Stones. Place them gently, but with confidence. Allow them to give you a sensation of boldness and spirit.

SIZE:  The grid is 8 x 10 inches and comes with the stones and instructions.


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Whenever you pass by, focus a moment on the Focus Stone and feel the energy of inner strength as you feel more worthy about yourself. Then turn your gaze to the Tigers’ Eyes. Let their powerful rays give you a sense of virtue and dignity. Finally, look at each of the Red Jasper stones. Let their energies wash over your mind and give you the confidence you seek. Tell yourself, “I can accomplish anything I put my mind to.” Take a deep breath as you bring in the confident and positive energies you really need in life.