Abundance Conjure Oil


Abundance oil is a traditional conjure oil that has many recipes.  We use one of the more traditional ones.  This is a dressing oil not intended for use on your skin.  Too many essential oils. This is for dressing candles, anointing Crystal Conjure Bags, on altars, and such uses.  

Ingredients  Essential Oils of Money, Wonder, Prosperity, Wealth, Good Health, and Family.  Jade crystals and Mint.

Size:  1 oz, 30 ml, (about 600 drops)

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Conjure Oils are very versatile oils.

Conjure oils trace their origins back to Ancient Egypt.  You will find references to them in the Bible and many ancient documents and books.  Modern practitioners of Hoodoo and related practices use them extensively from anointing candles to adding them to conjure bags and using them in many rituals.