“Pure Blind Luck” Exotic Crystal Essence


Description:  “Pure Blind Luck”  an Exotic Essence of a Blue Moon Aligned Peridot.

Exclusive Limited Edition

Note:  This product will only be available during the month of November

From time to time do you need to really need some good old fashioned pure blind luck?  If so, this is your crystal essence.

This Exotic Essence can be yours free if you join the Crystal Inner Circle during the Month of  November. (Don’t worry, when you join, Erynn will make sure you get the code to order one of these for FREE – just cover shipping)

This exclusive and limited edition is created by the Crystal Masters of the Crystal Inner Circle for its members, but you can jump in now and get it free.  You can learn more about the Crystal Inner Circle and its amazing benefits here: crystalinnercircle.com/cic1

This is an exotic crystal essence. It is also only available this month.  It is only available to Crystal Inner Circle Members.  

This is an essence of making good things happen unexpectedly.    This exotic essence is made of a magical energy of the Blue Moon infused into a beautiful Peridot crystal by a Crystal Master.  

A rare Blue Moon earlier this year offered a unique opportunity to align its magic with a beautful Peridot crystal – one of our very lucky ones in our collection.  We made a few special elixirs of Pure Blind Luck for you this month from it.  

This is one of two Exotic Crystal Essences available all month exclusively in the Crystal Inner Circle. 

You can use it very easily.  In the morning before work, or during the workday, just dap a few drops on each wrist and rub your wrists together.  Easy.

This is one of the three exclusive Exotic Crystal Essences available all month exclusively in the Crystal Inner Circle.  

Size: 1 oz.  However this is a concentrate that makes 5 oz of essence.

Primary Uses:  Use this essence whenever you need fast luck.

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This Exotic Essence is a concentrate. Mix it with 4 oz of water to make 5 oz.  Then you can put some back in the bottle to use.  Get a small ice cube tray, the kind that make 1 cm cubes.  Then use it to freeze the rest of the essence into small cubes.  Store the cubes in a plastic container with a lid in your freezer.  When you need some more of this essence just thaw a few cubes.  This way it will last for years.

To use:  Just dab 3 or 4 drops on each palm and rub them together.