Summit Conjure Bag



Summit Conjure Bag

When it matters, and you have to be “on top” of your game, use this conjure bag to reach the Summit.


This is a small felt bag with

Oak bark


Cary sage oil

A small tumbled carnelian

Chrysocolla conjure sand

The bags are made of felt.  They are tied closed with leather using a miller’s knot, They activated before being closed.  You will need to feed it each week.  We recommend Carnelian Essence.  Use plain water if not available.

Please note.  The bag colors are randomly selected.  The color does not affect the efficacy in any way.  The image is an example.  Yours will be one of the colors shown.

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Crystal Conjure Bags are called mojo bags, or gris gris, or maybe hoodoo hands.  They are all variations of the traditional magic bag that have been used by many cultures.

The bags are made of felt and the colors vary.  They are tied closed with a cord usually leather using a miller’s knot, They are activated before being closed and are “fed” each week with a spray, oil, or essence.  They are designed to be carried but not shown to others.  Each week you need to “feed” the bag to keep the energy active. Use a crystal essence, herb mixture, or essential oil.  Place a bit of whatever you are using and touch the bag five times like the pips on a playing card like the 5 of diamonds.