Personal Safety Grid Stone Set


This is a set of one crystal Focus Stone, six Way Stones and six Desire Stones. They are accompanied with an instruction sheet. Note this is just the stones for a personal grid. You can use your own design or a ready-made grid such as those offered in the Path in the Secret Garden section of the Crystal Inner Circle.

These are also perfect for making grids using the Quick Grid Change Kit.

The Focus Stone is a Clear Quartz point. This crystal will focus the Universal Life Force into your grid.
The Way Stones are Banded Amethyst stones. These are stones of vision, awareness, and care.
The Desire Stones are Jade, an ancient and revered stone of protection in many cultures.

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A grid can be placed where you please but choose a spot you will visit often. Place the Focus stone first as you envision the warm energy of the Universe flowing in. Next, place your Way stones. In your mind’s eye, see the powerful energy transmuting to these stones. Place your Desire stones last. Feel the energy flow through them and to you as the connection is complete.  Visit it often to reconnect and absorb its growing energy.