Manifestation Kit


Perfect to cleanse your space and manifest wishes, dreams and hopes. This kit can be used several times. Very easy to use and includes directions so this also makes an incredible and thoughtful gift!

*Glass Jar with decorative star & crystal on lid
*Dream Amethyst intuitively selected crystal in velvet bag (color of bag may vary)
*White Sage bundle
*Palo Santo wrapped with lavender
*Bay Leaves
*Golden Chime Candle
*All placed in a bed of rose petals

Follow directions on jar & be sure to use proper precautions when lighting your candle and bundle/Palo Santo.

Made in United States of America

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The indigenous tribal practice of Smoke Bowl Blessing, also known as smudging, has been around for thousands of years. It is known for its powerful spiritual cleansing and calls upon various plant spirits to drive away negative energy and rebalance an individual, group, or space. Smudging is effective for spiritual and emotional cleansing of negativity and stress, and works to return balance and peace. It is also helpful in connecting with the healing rhythms of the seasonal cycles.


This ancient practice connects the material realm to the spiritual realm. The smoke itself is deeply symbolic as it rises to the heavens, bringing prayers and intentions up to the Divine beings that are. While these dried plants were originally burned loosely in a bowl or over hot coals, nowadays, they are usually pre-wrapped into bundles to make the process simpler.