Libra Astrology Card Set


Description: Libra Astrology Card Set. Follow The Stars! Inspired by vintage collectible trading card sets. Follow The Stars Astrological Card series explores the secrets encoded in the starry night skies above. Each card pack provides an insightful glimpse into each star sign and explores our connection to the stars above and to one another.

Includes: Astrology Card Set contains 9 Cards + Sticker + Secret Puzzle + Charm.

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Libra | September 23rd – October 22nd | Libras are obsessed with symmetry and seek to achieve balance in all aspects of life. They are constantly seeking fairness and justice. With their charisma, intelligence, sincerity, and ability to connect seamlessly with others, Libras are well-equipped to attain peace and harmony. They are incredibly skilled in coming up with compromises and mediating situations. You can say they are masters of compromise and seeing all sides of a case. Sometimes Libras can be seen as indecisive. However, they enjoy comparing the best solutions for themselves and those around them. Weighing all options can cause Libras to overthink. A traditional stone for those born under the zodiac sign Libra is Opal. Another stone for those born under the zodiac sign Libra is Peridot.

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More Information About Libra

September 23rd – October 22nd

Tarot Card: Justice

Stones: OpalPeridotPink TourmalineGreen Aventurine, & Moonstone

Zodiac Modality: Cardinal

Most Compatible With: GeminiLeoSagittarius, & Aquarius

Flower: Roses

Mansions of the Moon: WingsClouds, & Snows

Associated with the 7th house

The Sun enters the zodiac sign Libra during the midpoint of the season cycle, the perfect balance of nature’s youth and age. Days and nights are of equal length during this time, and the Earth and Sun are in harmony. Libra is the only sign represented by an inanimate object; the other signs have animals or humans representing them. The symbol that represents Libra is the scales of balance, also known as a balance beam. Its glyph is represented by the Greek Omega letter over a horizontal line. This also represents a balance beam and depicts the horizon with the Sun setting.

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