Virgo Astrology Card Set


Description: Virgo Astrology Card Set. Follow The Stars! Inspired by vintage collectible trading card sets. Follow The Stars Astrological Card series explores the secrets encoded in the starry night skies above. Each card pack provides an insightful glimpse into each star sign and explores our connection to the stars above and to one another.

Includes: Astrology Card Set contains 9 Cards + Sticker + Secret Puzzle + Charm.

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Virgo | August 23rd – September 22nd | Virgo is seen as the most careful and purist of all the zodiac signs. It’s said that Virgoans have been created to serve others. They desire to be of service and have a sense of duty. Virgos’ talent for analysis, ability to view a situation from all angles and keen attention to detail allow Virgoans to know what a person needs to achieve their goals and what will be considered distractions from those goals. They continuously seek to fix broken systems and offer workable solutions. Having a sense of purpose and achievement makes them the happiest. The traditional stone for those born under the Zodiac sun sign Virgo is Carnelian. Another traditional stone for those born under the zodiac sign Virgo is Blue Sapphire. 

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More Information About Virgo

August 23rd – September 22nd

Tarot Card: The Hermit

Stones: CarnelianSapphireGarnetMoss AgateAmethyst, & Red Jasper

Zodiac Modality: Mutable

Most Compatible With: Pisces & Cancer

Flower: Buttercups & Chrysanthemums

Mansions of the Moon: Red DragonValley, & Mountains

Associated with the 6th house

The Sun enters the zodiac sign, Virgo, when the Earth approaches fall. The symbol is a maiden or virgin, which represents pure intentions and independence. Its glyph is the letter “M” with a loop at its end. Its design depicts the maiden carrying wheat. The “M” is said to represent intestines or virginity. The loop can be seen as the legs of a woman crossing her legs where no impurities can enter. It symbolizes chastity. In addition, Virgo is associated with the Greek Goddess of Justice, Dike, in Greek mythology.

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