Pisces Astrology Card Set


Description: Pisces Astrology Card Set Follow The Stars! Inspired by vintage collectible trading card sets. Follow The Stars Astrological Card series explores the secrets encoded in the starry night skies above. Each card pack provides an insightful glimpse into each star sign and explores our connection to the stars above and to one another.

Includes: Astrology Card Set contains 9 Cards + Sticker + Secret Puzzle + Charm.

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Pisces | February 19th – March 20th | Pisceans are thought to be one of the most sympathetic zodiac signs. They love making new friends and surrounding themselves with the company of others. If a friend is suffering, a Piscean will wish to aid in any way possible and will tune to that emotion as well. If a friend is crying, there is a strong possibility that a Piscean will cry with that friend. They are great listeners, always offer their shoulder to those who need it, and are great mediators. On the other hand, Pisceans can be overly emotional and even moody. Despite their amazing intuition, Pisces has difficulty distinguishing between good and bad people because they prefer to see the best in everyone. The traditional stone for those born under the Zodiac sign Pisces is Aquamarine. Another stone for those born under the Zodiac sign Pisces is Amethyst.

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More Information About Pisces

February 19th – March 20th

Tarot Card: The Moon

Stones: AmethystSugilite, & Aquamarine

Zodiac Modality: Mutable

Most Compatible With: Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, & Capricorn

Flower: Water Lily

Mansions of the Moon: WavesBridge, & River

Associated with the 12th house

When winter slowly makes way for budding spring, this time represents the Zodiac sign Pisces. The symbol is two fish swimming in opposite directions of each other. Its glyph looks like two curved lines facing away from each other, bound by a straight line. It also represents two fish swimming in opposite directions but linked by a cord. The cord represents the link between two worlds since Pisces’s attention is constantly divided between reality and fantasy. The cord keeps their emotions, realities, and other polarities in balance.

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