Moon Sign Relationship Tarot Spread

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Star Grotto exclusive –  reading by Nicole

Moon Sign Relationship Spread

This spread requires a date of birth for both the querent (person requesting the reading) and their significant other/partner in order to determine each of their moon signs and their corresponding Major Arcana tarot card.

Card#1- Your Moon Sign

•What Major Arcana card is connected to your moon sign? What does this indicate about your personality?

Card #2- Your Partner’s Moon Sign

•What Major Arcana card is connected to their moon sign? What does this indicate about their personality?

Card #3- Your Shared Emotional Connection

•How do both of your moon signs increase your emotional connection? How do they negatively impact your connection? How can you support one another?

I am Nicole, the resident Tarot Master here in the Star Grotto.  I will perform this reading and send you the results and the cards I draw.

This service is provided by email (look for an email from within 2 – 3 business days of purchase. It will include explanations and interpretations of the reading.

We offer this as a “benefit” to our loyal Crystal Inner Circle members.

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