Set of 4 Quart size Moroccan Mint Ice Tea bags


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Moroccan Mint Ice blends crisp green tea with refreshing spearmint. 


Moroccan Mint Ice is a minty green tea blend with invigorating flavor. 


Organic green tea and organic spearmint.

This product is vegan.

20% Organic Content

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Bring fresh water to a boil.

Add one brew bag to one quart of water in a heat-proof container.

Allow the brew bag to steep for 5-7 minutes.

Remove the brew bag and strain the tea into a serving pitcher

Allow infusion to cool to room temperature.

Serve over ice or chill in a refrigerator.


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Note: Discard unused iced tea after 48 hours.


1 brew bag to 1 quart of water (serves 4 people)

4 brew bags to 1 gallon of water (serves 16 people)

Note: For each additional gallon, add another 4 brew bags.