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Description: Malachite Crystal Essence – This is an undiluted Essence from Katrina’s Crystal Creations. Each bottle is pure “mother essence” of Malachite Vibrational Energy. This Crystal Elixir is a combination of spring water, apple cider vinegar (as a preservative) and Malachite Vibrational Energy.

To create this essence, the energy of high-frequency natural Malachite crystals were alchemically transferred into spring water, with the help of the Sun, Nature Spirits, Elementals, and Devas, and Clear Quartz. Use this crystal essence for protection from physical harm and is an excellent meditation aid in connecting with the Mother Earth. 

This product is made to order and requires a 48-hour processing time. Includes information tag attached to the bottle. 

Source: Katrina’s Crystal Creations

Size: 30 ml bottle containing approximately 600 drops

Type: Normal Energy Elixir – Read more about the use of Normal Energy Elixirs in our Guide to Crystal Elixirs.

Primary Uses: This is a protection elixir. Read more about the energy and uses of Malachite in the table below, or for even more, extensive coverage of its uses and properties read our Crystal Metaphysical Encyclopedia entry for Malachite.

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Feng Shui
  • Malachite Essence is a protection essence, absorbing negative energies and pollutants from the atmosphere and from the body. It guards against radiation of all kinds, clears electromagnetic pollution and heals earth energies. In the workplace Malachite Essence protects against noise, over-bright fluorescent lighting, and harmful rays from technological equipment, negative phone calls and emails.

    As a stone of travel, Malachite protects and overcomes fears of flying if you empower the crystal before a trip by holding it and envisioning yourself in the wings of the Archangel, Raphael. It helps with jet lag, encourages smooth business travel, and protects in travel on congested highways. Malachite Essence can be used for overcoming fear of flying in young and old.

    Malachite is known for being a stone of support for airplane and airline workers as a protection against accidents, miners for protection from unexplained accidents, and for secretaries to stimulate clear thinking. Use this essence for support in stressful times.

    Malachite would be beneficial if you are ready to birth the “new you,” or if you need energetic protection. It works quickly and powerfully, so be prepared for many wonderful changes.

    Comments from direct experience: “I felt a very warm wave of energy go straight to my Heart and it stayed there for a long time. I felt as though my whole body was engulfed in this wonderful warmth. I felt a deep sense of balance and calm, like I had been meditating for a while, I was exceptionally peaceful. I understood how Malachite could release old patterns, as it seems to just wash away whatever needs to go, and replaces it with such a sense of serenity, and room to create change and embrace new, more positive habits and lifestyle.”

  • Each bottle consists of purified water, 20% Brandy (for preservation), and the Crystal Vibrational Essence.

    The Essence is not a diluted dosage strength, so it is very powerful!

    Recommended dosage: As a daily tonic, place 4-7 drops under the tongue when you are guided. You can safely take any amount several times a day, if necessary.

    This elixir is safe for pets and animals. or Feng Shui purposes in the same manner as as a Malachite crystal. See the Crystal Encyclopedia entry for Malachite for more details. For detailed dosage recommendations on these usages see the detailed Crystal Elixir Guide here.

  • Malachite is associated with the Heart Chakra. The heart chakra is located near the center of the breastbone. It regulates our interaction with the external world. It controls what we embrace and what we resist. It gives us the balancing ability to keep neither too aloof nor too involved in the world around us. It balances our inner being – our “self” with our environment.

    When it is in balance we are relaxed accepting, and interact easily with others and with the demands of the world. We also know when our needs are being compromised and we easily find a balance between external and internal needs. We can deal with the ebbs and flows of emotional relationships, understand their cyclic nature, and accept the changes.

  • Malachite utilizes Wood energy, the energy of growth, expansion, new beginnings, nourishment and health. It enhances vitality, brings abundance, and keeps us growing physically. Use green crystals to enhance any space used for eating, in the room of a small child, or in a place of your home where you are beginning a new project. Wood energy is traditionally associated with the East and Southeast areas of a home or room. It is associated with the Family and Health area, and the Prosperity and Abundance area.

  • Crystal Elixirs are Vibratory Essences that work on a deep level and are very powerful.
    They affect the physical and etheric levels to shift and raise your vibration, to energetically release that which is not of your highest good, to heal certain issues, to rebalance you, and to awaken your Spiritual gifts and abilities. Their effects can be subtle or very intense. This depends on you and your chemistry. Experiment with them to see what works best for you!

    As everyone is different, no claims are made on what exact effect the essence will have on each individual. Please note that this essence is not a substitute for medical treatment, nor is it a medicine.

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