Adamite Cluster

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Description: This is a beautiful Adamite Cluster. Adamite forms transparent to translucent pale yellow through green to bluish green elongated crystals and radial aggregates. These particular Adamite crystals are embedded into a crumbly, brown Limonite matrix. This stone is perfect for attracting joy into your life and manifesting wants or desires. You will receive the exact item shown.

Source: Durango, Mexico

Size: 64 x 45 x 37 mm. Weighs 60 grams.(2.5 x 1.8 x 1.5 inches. Wt: 2.1 ounces.)

Primary Uses: Adamite allows you to escape a submissive personality and create functioning, dynamic and expressive relationships with others and with your general surroundings. It can assist you with remaining fun loving, euphoric, patient and kind. This stone permits you to come back to a condition of kid like intelligence, helping you to recuperate your feeling of marvel, interest, innovativeness and imperativeness.

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Quick Healing Overview: ​If you are ruled by your emotions, Adamite creates emotional equilibrium and will help you to find a calm, centered space around which emotions can rage without affecting your inner serenity. It can help you clearly communicate your needs and attract joy into your life. One of this stone’s biggest draws is its ability to restore an almost childlike sense of wonderment; banishing negativity, disillusion, cynicism, and skepticism. It has a harmonizing effect on the body and fills it with humor and joy.

Birthstone & Zodiac Uses: Adamite is the natural birthstone of those born at the beginning of summer (June 21 – July 21). It is also associated with the zodiac sign Pisces (February 19 – March 20). If you were born during either of these times, Adamite crystals may help bring you deeper and more pronounced enlightenment, optimism, warmth, and clarity.

Uses in Meditation: Adamite is a powerful stone utilizing the power of thought, focus, and concentration; making it ideal for meditation and achieving a “no mind” state of consciousness. It is capable of producing rich visions and insights, as well as strengthening your ability to receive and interpret psychic information.

For Chakra Balancing: Adamite helps to unblock and balance the Solar Plexus Chakra. This chakra is the energy distribution center and the chakra of relationships. It is located between the ribcage and navel and controls the immune and digestive systems. When the Solar Plexus is out of balance, you will feel fearful of displeasing others or yourself. You may also have low self-esteem, digestion issues, and weaker willpower. However, Adamite is also a special crystal because it connects to the Heart Chakra at the same time. It aligns these two chakras simultaneously which allows you to understand the feelings of the heart while exposing your own innate desires and wants.

Crystal Color Energy: Adamite is yellow. Yellow crystals give you the power to solidify new interests and new relationships. They help you to see things in new ways and to become enlightened. They add clarity to your life. They help you wake things up and add zest, optimism, and meaning to your life and relationships.

Associated Goddesses: Adamite is used in honoring Annapurna, the Hindu Goddess of Food, Cooking, and Kitchens; Bona Dea, the Roman Earth Goddess of Fertility, Clota, Goddess of the River Clyde; Itzpapaloti, the Aztec Butterfly Goddess;  Vac, the Hindu Goddess of the Spoken Word; and Minerva, the Etruscan Goddess of Wisdom.

Feng Shui Uses: Adamite has subdued Fire energy, generally used in the center of a home or room to bring cheerfulness, light, and energy to the entire space. This particular color represents the middle of the year, the middle of space, the sun, and light energy. Use Adamite in the center of a space to energize and vitalize it.

Uses in Divination: Adamite is often used in divination to seek out more stability and happiness in your life. It can help you see the right path to take to lead you to strength, balance, and joy.

Talisman Energy: Adamite is an Enhancer Brightener Crystal. Enhancers are minerals and crystals that form in the Isometric crystal system. They have internal crystal lattices of perfect cubic symmetry and internal harmony. These are the “building block” crystals. Their internal structure of blocks builds up perfect crystal lattices that can help you focus your efforts to enhance your life. Brighteners have a specific use in helping us see the best life has to offer. The Brighteners are good for our disposition. They add color and zest to life and give it meaning.

What Other Crystal Authors Think: Other practitioners report that Adamite supports emotional balance and allows one to find a sacred space within themselves in order to carefully release anger without disturbing the auric field.