Pre-Sale Violet Flame Uruguay Amethyst Cluster


Description This is a beautiful Uruguay Amethyst Cluster. We have found the energy from these is a truly unique blend of magic and mystery.  You are going to find this hard to put down.  It is as close to a mesmerizing experience as you can experience from a crystal. You will receive the exact item shown.

Source: Uruguay

Size: 82 x 70 x 42 mm. Weighs 278 grams.(3.2 x 2.8 x 1.7 inches. Wt: 9.8 ounces.)

Primary Uses: Amethyst is a wonderful talisman for use in the creative arts. If you paint, draw, sculpt, write, or create in any way, keep a nice Amethyst crystal or crystal cluster in the area to focus and amplify the creative elements of the Universal Life Force. Amethyst is also a well known healer that has profound effects in balancing the crown chakra. If you are feeling out of sorts, blocked, and mentally clumsy, try a short session with an Amethyst, you will likely find yourself refreshed, alert, and back in control.  This crystal is absolutely perfect for just recovering from a hard day.  If you want your mind back, and some peace and a chance to really be creative, keep this nearby.

Pre-sale item: This crystal will be part of the Violet Flame Ceremony on June 21st and therefore will not ship until June 22nd. You can read more about the Violet Flame below.

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Violet Flame Energy: The violet ray is one of the Seven Rays of Life, the Ray of Spiritual Growth and Devotion. This ray brings both the power to bind to others and the strength to follow the will of the Creator. The flame has the power to heal you emotionally and physically, as well as improve all relationships and help you to grow spiritually. The color violet has the highest frequency on the visible spectrum, meaning it is at the point of transitioning to the spiritual octave of light. Throughout the years, mystics and spiritualists have associated the color violet with qualities such as forgiveness, mercy, and freedom.

When the Moon is in the Mansion of the Sacred Flames, the First Mansion of the Moon, located in Aries, it is a time of benevolence and giving. The Universal Life Force is at its strongest and focused almost exclusively on rebirth and regeneration. If there is a time when the Universal Life Force is the Universal Love Force, it is when the Moon transits the Mansion of the Sacred Flame. The Violet Flame alignment uses Ruach, the natural master Violet Flame crystal, a unique and valuable crystal that totally embodies the total energy of the Violet Flame.

Talisman Energy: Amethyst a Seeker Transformer Crystal. Seeker Transformers are talismans used when the desire is to find a way to transform a part of one’s life into a more desirable state. Quartz is the most common Seeker. Crystals that are lavender, the lighter shade of violet, contain the rays that aid us in the wisdom of self that violet provides, but they are more focused on our feelings and understanding our hidden yearnings. These are the crystals of the free, unfettered intellect and the unfettered heart. Use these beautiful crystals to fulfill your dreams that involve heartfelt desires for love and affection. Use them to gain the knowledge you need to live with grace and style.

Birthstone Energy: Amethyst is one of the natural birthstones of people born in late Autumn, from 21 November through 20 December. Many people born in this period have felt that the birthstone they have always been told is right – the topaz isn’t really right for them. If you were born at this time of the year, try wearing a bright Amethyst and see if you don’t seem to be feeling much better about yourself.

Zodiac Energy: Amethyst is associated with those born under the sign of Pisces (19 Feb – 20 March). Pisceans are very passionate lovers and really need to feel a connection with their companions before getting into something serious. They are attracted to people who need help and are suffering. What a Piscean really needs is a strong companion willing to make them stronger. They absolutely love compliments and being flattered.

Goddess Energy: Amethyst is used to honor Artemis the Greek Goddess of the Hunt, and later, of Childbirth; and Diana, Roman Goddess of the Moon and Protector of Animals

Chakra Balancing: When the Crown Chakra is out of balance or its energy is blocked, you will feel clumsy, uncoordinated, and at sorts with life. You will stumble in both movements and thoughts. You will be uninspired and out of step. The world will seem to be spinning, and you will be unsure of who you are or why you even exist. You will be rigid in your thinking, and be spiritually adrift. Your consciousness will be limited, and possibilities will not appear to you. You will have difficulty understanding relationships, ideas, and dreams. Use an Amethyst to restore the balance in your spirit energy of the crown chakra.

Meditation Uses: Amethyst is a very popular and effective meditation crystal. Amethyst helps you visualize new ideas, helps you solidify ideas into reality, and helps your mind focus on its internal creative powers.

What Crystal Authors Say: Amethyst is covered extensively in every crystal book. It has often been used as a balance and tranquility stone. Many practitioners report success using Amethyst to promote and enhance one’s spiritual wisdom. Some report it as very effective in helping restore memories.

In the “Illustrated Book of Healing Crystals”, Cassandra Eason tells us that Amethyst is the “all-healer”; one of the most effective crystals for healing both humans and animals. She notes that it should be placed anywhere at home or at work that feels hostile. She also notes it will soothe the constant irritations of modern life such as jangling telephones and other electronics.

Judy Hall, in The Encyclopedia of Crystals, tells us that Amethyst encourages selflessness, has a sobering effect on overindulgence, and can help overcome addictions. She also finds it blocks stress and negative environmental energies.

Melody in Love is in the Earth, finds that Amethyst is a “stone of spirituality and contentment,” and that it bestows stability, strength, and peace. She also tells us it helps us assimilate and use new ideas.

Florence Megemont, in the “Metaphysical Book of Gems and Crystals”, finds that Amethyst enhances creativity, and strengthens our imagination and intuition. and refines our thinking; allowing us to bring projects to fruition. She notes Amethyst is a talisman of success.

In “The Book of Stones,” Robert Simmons tells us it is a stone of spiritual protection and purification. He also notes it can help cure overindulgences. Naisha Ahsian in the same book notes that Amethyst has the ability to activate the higher mind to allow for a complete comprehension of difficult concepts. She also tells us it facilitates mediation and cures emotional imbalances.