Galena/Sphalerite Cluster


Description: This is a beautiful cluster of Galena and Sphalerite. It’s silver/black color gives it a sense of mystery, but welcoming. Galena is a stone of transformation. It is an excellent stone for guidance when embarking on a spiritual journey. It also has very powerful grounding properties, especially during difficult times. Sphalerite is used as a protection stone to guard that which you value. It is excellent for protecting a valuable possession or enhancing your physical security. You will receive the exact item shown. 

Source: Bulgaria

Size: 90 x 75 x 60 mm.  Weighs 376 grams.(3.5 x 3 x 2.4 inches. Wt: 13.3 ounces.)

Primary Uses: Galena is used to enhance the power of other crystals, augmenting them with its purity. Silver jewelry is worn to bring one the ability to think clearly and speak with clarity and effectiveness. It is used to honor the Moon Goddesses. As an Enhancer crystal, Silver is used with other crystals to enhance their effectiveness in spiritual healing.

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  • Enhancer BrightenerGalena is an Enhancer Brightener Crystal. These are the “building block” crystals. Their internal structure of blocks builds up perfect crystal lattices that can help us focus our efforts to build on our successes and enhance our lives. The Brightener crystals are particularly useful for enhancing efforts that focus on the sensual aspects of life in which some aspect has become dull, tarnished, or dingy. A longtime relationship can go stale and become dull with repetition or neglect. A Brightener crystal can help focus efforts to make the old seem new, to add luster where there was the patina of neglect, and to polish up skills, capabilities, and approaches to life and love.

    Silver is used primarily for enhancing the spiritual elements of your life – working on building virtues, and keeping your motives pure.

  • Galena is used to honor the Moon Goddesses. They include Al-Uzza (aspect of Allat), Nabataean Moon Goddess of Full Moon and Mothers; and of course, Selene, the Greek Moon Goddess.

  • Galena is used to enhance the effects of other crystals in healing efforts. Either wear silver while a healing session is being conducted, or keep your healing crystals near silver between their use.

  • Galena is associated with CANCER (21 Jun – 22 Jul). It should be worn by those born in this time particularly during the month of their birth.

  • Galena has Metal energy. Use Silver to enhance any space that you use for concentration, gathering strength, or working with a group. Use Silver to bring the sharp power of concentration and diligence to areas of your home and life that are focused on assuring you are powerful in ways you need to be.

    Metal energy is traditionally associated with the northwest and west areas of a home or room. It is associated with the Helpful People and Blessings, and Travel area of your life and dwelling, and with the Creativity and Children area. Its energy of crystallization will solidify your efforts and determination.

  • Healing Crystals states that Galena is used for grounding and centering one’s energies. They say it is a stone of harmony and opens pathways.