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Description: These crystal formations are most unusual, beautiful, and very limited. They come from Vietnam. Here is their story. Our colleagues in Asia recently wrote and told us they had a special offer for us. Jin said they had a few flats of beautiful natural white marble with Red Spinel and Green Pargasite. Each of them had been carved a bit to make them stand up. We could not resist. We had never seen anything like them, so we purchased the lot and now offer them to you. These specimens are all natural and they are all our supplier could get. We have just this lot. 

The Red Spinel increases endurance, replenishes energy, brings new hope, and strength to overcome difficulties. 

Read more in the tabs below to learn how you can call on the Celtic Goddess Brigid with this Red Spinel to bring about energy, motivation, abundance, and healing.

Size: INDIVIDUALLY SOLD The size varies from about 2 inches by 2 inches by 3/4 deep up to about 3 inches by 3 inches and 1 inch deep. All are very different. Weight is about 4 – 5 oz each. 

Primary Uses: These crystals are beautiful and truly unique additions to your collection. Red Spinel, with its fiery red color, is a crystal of physical energy, vitality, and protection. This is a stone of Fire Energy — the energy of heat, action, emotion and passion — of ideas, of concepts, and sex. It is alive, potent, and if not used carefully, destructive. We all need the heat, passion, and life-giving energy of the fire element. You have that Fire Energy in this Spinel.

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  • Spinel is a Enhancer Transformer Crystal. Enhancers are minerals and crystals that form in the Isometric crystal system.  They have internal crystal lattices of perfect cubic symmetry and internal harmony. They form perfect building blocks internally.  Often this internal structure of equality and perfect right angles produces crystals of equally perfect external shapes: cubes!

    These are the “building block” crystals. Their internal structure of blocks builds up perfect crystal lattices that can help us focus our efforts to build on our successes and enhance our lives. Whereas the Seeker system produces crystals and minerals that aid in new beginnings, the Enhancers of the isometric system aid us in building on our successes and achievements.

  • Red is the color of passion, energy, and life. It motivates. It is a very strong color—the color of fire and blood. It is emotionally intense and affects humans by raising their blood pressure and speeding up their metabolism. It excites us, raises our enthusiasm, and gives us energy. Red is the natural birthstone of those born in mid-autumn (October 22–November 20).

    Red crystals are used when the situation needs passion: active, involved, energetic action. Red empowers, uplifts, and engulfs. It cures apathy. It gets things done. Red is action and drive.

  • This Red Spinel Crystal represents Brigid, the Goddess of Healing, Crafting, and Knowledge. She is a Sun Goddess and brings the life force and healing energy of the Sun. She is often honored during Spring celebrations. She is often referred to as the Triple Goddess as she rules over three different aspects of life, all related to her fiery element; the fires of inspiration (poetry, knowledge, music), the fires of the forge (crafting, creating, blacksmiths), and the fires of the hearth (healing, spiritual growth, energy, fertility).

  • This Red Spinel works best if you also have a Green Pargasite to call on Aine as well and balance the energy. You can find complete instructions here. If just calling on Brigid using Red Spinel alone, you can use the directions below.

    When to call on Brigid: When you need inner healing, warmth, inspiration motivation, energy, and knowledge.


    1. Find a comfortable and quiet place to rest. It is best if you will not be disturbed for at least 15 minutes. Have your Red Spinel crystal with you.
    2. It is best if you can sit for this exercise. Remember, being comfortable and undisturbed is most important here.
    3. When sitting, place the Red Spinel between your legs. If you are laying down, you can place it in the center of your pelvic region or, if on your stomach, at the base of your spine (covering the Base Chakra).
    4. Breathe in deeply through the nose, allowing your chest to rise and stomach to pull in. Then exhale slowly through the mouth as your chest to fall and stomach to expand.
    5. Focus on your breathing and begin to envision an orange or reddish light overtaking your vision; an energizing and invigorating red light washing over you from head to toe.
    6. Call out to Brigid and ask for her assistance: “Beloved Goddess Brigid, I call upon thee now. Please help me to become more inspired and motivated. Please fill me with the powerful light of the Sun; heal me from within and bring me the knowledge and energy I need to succeed. I thank thee for your light and grace and honor your blessings.” (This can be said aloud or in your head. Don’t be afraid to modify your call and ask for what you need.)
    7. You will likely feel when the time is right to end your meditation session. If you modify the call above make sure you thank Brigid for her graciousness and blessings. Take a few deep breaths with your eyes open and smile at the comfort you feel before getting up to attend to the rest of your day.

  • Spinel is a stone of calm and renewal. It is a high energy stone and the energy is supportive and can help people overcome the feeling of stress and heal physical energy blockages. It will speed the recovery of many diseases associated with movement, including issues with joints, muscles, and bones. It also offers encouragement in situations of difficulty and helps ease a situational crisis such as a divorce or a job change. Spinel lowers stress and anxiety, reduces physical inflammation and helps one to keep focused in order to reach life’s goal.