Seven Secrets of Crystal Talismans


DESCRIPTION:  Signed First Edition of “The Seven Secrets of Crystal Tallismans” by Henry Mason

 “Precious Stones are incorporated into all religions. Being made to repreent the noblest meanings, and the divinest attributes.” 

– William Fernie, The Occult and Currative Powers of Precious Stones.

History is replete with songs, stories, fables, and fabrications related to the curative, magical, and divination powers of minerals, gems, and crystals.  But the histories are confusing.  Each record seems to contradict others.  Without the tools of modern science, the secrets of the mineral kingdom remained elusive.  Without seeing the hidden crystalline energy matrix, any attempt to divine the power of a crystal or gemstone was a trial-and-error affair. 

Without understanding the power of the key chemical makeup of a mineral, attempts to use them as talismans or amulets consistently and reliably were frustrating.  Without understanding their color ray’s influences on the deep recesses of the human mind, using crystals and gemstone talismans for attraction, protections, or transformation  was simply a guessing game; but no longer.

In The Seven Secrets of Crystal Talismans you will learn how to select the right crystals, fashion them, and use them effectively for any purpose.  The seven secrets delve deeply into the heart of the crystals to reveal their true identities, powers, and energies.  Every mineral forms crystals. Every crystal forms in a single crystal structure, has a unique color, and is formed from a particular chemical element or compound. 

These attributes give it both its physical and its metaphysical properties.  The first four secrets reveaeld in this book explain the universal talisman or amulet power of each crystalline structure, each color ray, and each element or compound.

Knowing these secrets gives you the ability to select the right crystal for any purpose, and to be sure you are right. The next three secrets reveal how to use your crystal to make, empower, and use your talisman or amulet.  We know that the power of the human mind, amplified by the Universal Life Force can accomplish things that seem like magic.  Now you can learn how. 

The book contains extensive charts of the uses of hundreds of minerals and crystals, making it easy to find exactly the right crystal for any purpose. 

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The book explains th real secrets of crystal uses.  These secrets are the results of about 8 years of research into crystal healing traditions from around the world, along with study of current medical studies into the effects of the healing arts.