Secrets of Crystal Healing book with Tea Samples


This is the Crystal Healing Handbook, The Ten Secrets of Crystal Healing and a selection of specially crystal infused teas.  The book is a Crystal Vaults exclusive text book, not sold elsewhere.  It is the text of the advanced Crystal Mage course.  New Annual Members of the Crystal Inner Circle receive this item as our gift for their membership.

Crystal Infused tea is made here at the Crystal Vaults using a proprietary method of pyramid power to focus and imprint the crystals’ energy patterns into the auric and biophysical energy matrix of the tea leaves. The energy patterns of the crystal are the results of its subtle alteration and focusing of the Universal Life Force. In the production of our teas, the focusing and preservation energy of a gold and copper pyramid made to the same proportions and angles as the Great Pyramid of Cheops focuses the crystals’ energy pattern, potentializes it, and infuses it into the tea leaves. The patterns are manifested upon the tea’s interaction with a life entity. The energy matrix of the crystals will be fully realized when drinking the tea.


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The book explains the ten secrets of crystal healing.  These secrets are the results of about 8 years of research into crystal healing traditions from around the world, along with study of current medical studies into the effects of the healing arts.

Secret 1: Healing Intent Must Be Contemplated and Mnifested By the Healer

Secret 2: The Conscious and Subconscious Mind Must BeTreated Simultaniously

Secret 3: Engaged Care and Rituals Affect the Cure

Secret 4: The Location Affects the Efficacy of any Crystal Healing Regimen

Secret 5: The Moon’s Travels Determine Which Crystal Healing Will Be Successful

Secret 6: The Phase of the Moon Determines the Type of Healing that Can Be Accomplished

Secret 7: The Crystal Energy Lattice Shapes and Forms the Healing Energy

Secret 8: The Eight Earth Energies of Crystals Align Their Healing Effects

Secret 9: The Color Energy of the Crystal Transmits Its Healing Energy

Secret 10: Cleansing the Crystal Is Imperative

Each secret is discussed in detail. Mastery of these 10 secrets will assure any crystal healer is an effective healer.