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  • Crystals to Improve Dream Recall & Reduce Nightmares

    There are all-natural ways to help increase your rate of dreaming. Look inside and we'll tell you the crystals to improve dream recall and reduce nightmares.
  • Connecting with Your Planets Using Crystals

    Did you know that we all have a planet assigned to us at birth? Connecting with your planets using crystals is the most effective way to achieve synergy.
  • The 10 Best Crystals for Valentine's Day

    Are you trying to find love of your own or strengthen your current relationship? We have a remedy! Look inside for the 10 best crystals for Valentine's Day!
  • Symptoms of an Out of Balance Chakra

    Here we'll tell you the symptoms of an out of balance Chakra. If you're experiencing symptoms from more than one Chakra, we recommend treating all Chakras.
  • Healing Crystals to Help with Top 10 New Year's Resolutions

    The best way you can feel happier & ready for the new year is with crystals. Find the top 10 New Year's resolutions and healing crystals to help inside.
  • The New Moon - trees and you

    The cycle of the moon is one of birth, fruition, and renewal.  Each moon cycle the Moon’s energy grows from the New Moon through the Full Moon, then wanes back to the New Moon.  Each new Moon occurs while the Moon is transiting one of the Mansions of the Moon. ...
  • Amethyst Meanings and Uses

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  • Magical Buttermilk Yule Bread - FREE RECIPE

    Are you looking for a magical buttermilk Yule bread to celebrate the Winter Solstice and Yuletide? We have the perfect recipe for you below!   Magical Buttermilk Yule Bread There are few common Christmas traditions we are used to now that came from Yule. These include the hanging of mistletoe...
  • Don't miss the Winter Solstice this weekend

    Probably the most celebrated day of the year across cultures ancient and modern, the Winter Solstice is a day of hope as it is the day of the rebirth of the life-giving sun.   As the world is tilted 23.5 degrees on it axis, one day of the year in...
  • Crystals to Attract Fairies and Ethereal Beings

    Connecting with fairies and other ethereal beings can be challenging. Look inside for crystals to attract fairies and other ethereal beings that can help.

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