Parisa's Designs


Based in India, Parisa's Designs has been a leader in the Asian market for natural stone and crystals since 2011. Each unique piece has its own signature look, a mixture of glam and style. Parisa is the founder and designer behind these beautiful handmade collections. With her background in art and eye for style, all of her designs have a fashion forward artistic appeal and are also deeply inspired by a raw curiosity for all natural and earthly elements.

The Woman Behind Parisa's Designs

"I am a woman who designs for women."

Being of Persian origin, Parisa was brought up in a culture with a rich history of art and design. She spent most of her time in universities in the Middle East and after completing four masters, she finally went back to her roots and to what has always inspired her. She started designing in 2011, in the Middle East and then continued her business in India. She still works with clients in her home country as well as with special clients in North America. She has also held many successful solo art exhibitions. She spends hours designing each piece of jewellery for her clients and hand picks the stones herself. This individual attention makes her work highly sought after, as every design is unique and one of a kind. As a Persian artist, she does not only design for the sake of personal expression. She wants to empower and uplift women through her designs. Her work expresses the strength of femininity and her Persian roots as well as her experiences abroad.

What is special about these items?


Parisa's designs are a fusion of Western and Asian culture. She has access to raw and rare stones in India, a country known as the mother of spiritually and natural stones. She makes the jewellery in her workshop where she has direct interaction with professional stone cutters. She ensures the detailed cut of every stone is made the way she wants. Parisa's jewellery collection is recognized for its use of traditional Persian symbols and for its use of fine and hand picked stones. Her approach is uncompromising when it comes to stones, crystals and the making process. She values quality and distinctiveness which is why her clients trust her to deliver the most unique and expressive pieces.

How are they designed?


Parisa makes her jewellery by fusing semi-precious gemstones and precious stones with silver, using rare and powerful stones which are meaningful to her through a lens of discovery. She chooses each stone and shape carefully, with the right combination of healing properties which enhance the power of each stone and crystal. Her collection is purely her expression of love for spirituality, healing, color and femininity.

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