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Pluto I Crystal Grid

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Pluto I Crystal Grid


Number Available: 1


DESCRIPTION: Pluto I Crystal Grid Set. This is a hand painted on canvas Pluto I Crystal Grid Kit complete with all crystals and stones needed.

It includes a beautiful Rose Quartz crystal as the Focus Stone. Rose Quartz is an excellent Focus Stone for bringing the Universal Life Energy to the user because it enhances the bond between the user and the energy.

The Way stones are 6 natural Obsidian crystals. Way Stones are used on grids to amplify the energy accumulated by the Focus Stone. The Obsidian with their brown/black color will help ground the energy of the grid to bring new energy to the user.

The Desire stones are 8 natural Lapis Lazuli crystals. Lapis Lazuli is a stone used for wisedom and truth . Read more about the use of crystal grids in our new free guide - CV Guide to Crystal Grids

SOURCE:  This grid was designed and made by Aria Vaillancourt in the USA.

SIZE:  The grid is a full 12 inches by 12 inches panel complete with all crystals and stones. 

USES: Anyone will find that they are much more in tune with themselves and with the Universe when they have this grid nearby.


How To Use This Crystal


Pluto is the planet of the hidden, those aspects of our psyche which we bury and hide. It represents the beginning and ending of new patterns and helps to facilitate growth between the unconscious and conscious parts of the soul. Pluto helps us understand the natural link between experience, behavior, and patterned reaction; it takes us back into our power as individuals, to consciously direct our mind and activity.
Red and Blue mark the exchange between physical reality and the mental world. Our internal and external realities are constantly interacting, blending and shaping our overall soul character. Red is the physical experience: our environment, circumstances, and others; whereas, blue is our internal: mental patterns, thoughts, and value systems. Brown is both a “muddy” color, which can reflect the hidden aspects of energy, connecting us to the Earth and our experiences in a raw way.
The Pluto grid is based upon eight and twelve vibrations. The number eight represents cosmic unity and balance, flowing with Pluto’s natural ability to understand psychology and link all of one’s behavior to a larger meaning. Twelve represents the dimensions of consciousness available for integration within the human body, from thee most mundane to the larger cosmic. It also opens us up to help ourselves through the understanding of our hidden aspects.

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