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Have you ever wanted to travel anywhere or visit anyone?

We use crystals for astral travel. Astral travel is the word used to depict an out-of-body experience. It is where your light spirit travels outside of your physical body into the astral plane.

During the experience, your light spirit does remain “attached” to the body, but it is able to explore the universe.

Most often those who undergo a near-death experience or illness will experience astral projection, however unintentional. However, it can also be done on one’s own terms and willingness.

There are those who can also naturally travel to the astral plane. Some shamans learn it easily, and actually, many of us can, too.

Do not fear that seeming to allow your light spirit to temporarily leave your body is dangerous. As I mentioned, it actually does not because you as a light spirit are the same person as your bodily persona. You are light and spirit and you are bone and flesh.

Astral travel can be safely accomplished through complete relaxation, meditation, and the use of certain crystals and the essences made from them.

Tonight we are going to concentrate on using two very special crystal, Ametrine and Blue Kyanite.

Ametrine connects the physical realm with a higher consciousness. This stone facilitates the movement into the spiritual plane, and it offers protection during astral travel and relieves psychic attack.

Blue Kyanite provides a ‘cocoon’ of gentle blue spiritual Light which gradually wraps itself around the auric field of those who hold or carry it. This field enables one to float gently out of the body, either in the dream state or the domain of astral travel.

Together the eerie Ametrine smoke-like energy will combine with the cocoon of blue spiritual light from the Blue Kyanite to facilitate a gentle and ethereal journey into the higher planes of the spirit world.



1. One Ametrine crystal

2. Two Blue Kyanite crystals

3. A few Quartz crystals (optional)

4. A cup or two of spring water

5. A candle with Jasmine, Lavender, or Chamomile scent

6. A quiet place



First, we are going to make a crystal essence of astral travel of gentle floating. Take the stones and clean them carefully in running water. You cannot hurt them. Get them very clean. Now place spring water into a medium-sized baking dish. Now you have a choice, you can use the direct method and place the stones in the water. If you are confident they are clean and safe. Otherwise, use the indirect method and place the stones in a separate clean, clear natural glass container – a glass measuring cup or water glass works well, that is then placed in the baking dish.

Throughout the process make sure to state your intent or purpose of making the elixir either out loud or in your mind. Specifically, state you seek the Universal Life Force to focus the energy of the crystal matrices into the water to create an elixir of gentle astral travel.

Let the crystals stand covered under sunlight or moonlight for a few hours. Place additional Quartz crystals around the bowl if you prefer.

After a few hours, or when you feel that the time is right, remove the glass containing the crystal from the spring water.

Pour the water into a few glass jars and cover them. You will use it when you seek to perform your astral travel.

To perform a gentle spiritual journey of astral travel, follow these steps.

First, during the day take out the Ametrine and hold it up to the light. Look carefully at it, trying to see what is inside the crystals. Let the gold and violet light fill your mind for a while and connect with the stone. Now take the blue calcite and hold them to your 3rd eye for a few minutes. Try to see a bit of a blue curtain start to slowly descend from them. Now put the crystals away until the evening

When you are somewhat tired, a hot bath is recommended. You are seeking to become very sleepy. Get a small glass of your elixir, and your stones and your candle

Light the candle. Ask the Universe to light the way to the spirit world for you. Now drink some of your elixir. Feel it slowly find its way to your spirit and awaken it for the journey. Now get your Ametrine and your Blue Kyanite. Pace the Ametrine above your head on the bed or whatever you are resting on. Hold the Blue Kyanites in your hands and place them slightly outstretched near you.

Now lay down where you will not be disturbed and look at the candle flame. As you do, watch the blue cocoon from the blue calcite very slowly envelope you. And – the cool part, watch as it parts above your head to let a strange, somewhat eerie light of violet and gold descend to almost cover your face. You can see, but there seems to be a gauze-like mask covering your sight even with your eyes closed.

Now close your eyes and simply watch as your spirit slowly starts to rise up above you. Suddenly you will switch viewpoints and be seeing with your spirit’s view of your body below in a blue cocoon.

At this point, you are off. You do not have to really decide or guide yourself. Your spirit will choose a path. Your conscious mind is sort of along for the ride.

And returning is easy. You see, you really never left. Just open your eyes and release the Blue Kyanites and wave your arms to dissipate the cocoon.

With practice, you will find this most enlightening.

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