Now Amplify the power of your thoughts

Think more clearly! Bring the energy of the Universe to your thoughts! Be smarter! Be wiser! Amplify your powers today!

By correctly combining PYRAMID POWER and the energy of a ROTATING SPHERE it is now possible to build your own THOUGHT TRANSMITTER/RECEIVER.

And, you need no special skills or training. We will show you how you or anyone can build one in a few minutes.

Nowadays, most of us own a portable, wireless telephone. We click a series of numbers to identify the desired party and such electronic information connects us instantly, via cellular/ satellite towers to the intended party. We then talk and listen, because our voice creates vibrations that are instantly translated into electronic values, moved from unit to unit and changed back to voice.

But nothing has been done, so far, to accept and transmit THOUGHTS. And we THINK, each one to himself, much more than we talk. Humans are a thinking lot and so is our Lord who has created us. In fact, Prophet Samuel (2-3) said, millenniums of years ago:

"Our Lord is a God of thoughts.."

We have telephones and TVs and radios and the Internet to transmit and receive voice and video and sound. But we do not have a way to transmit and receive thoughts


To facilitate transmission of His thoughts to us and ours to Him, God ordered:
Isaiah 19-19: "There shall be an altar to the Lord in the midst of the land of Egypt".

What in the world could that mean " an altar in the midst of the land of Egypt?"

Wpyramidell, Google Earth can pretty much answer that question and you can see it from space: the Great Pyramid of Giza. Scientists have studied the purposes of that for centuries. We really don't know for sure why it was built. Nor do we really understand the reason for more pyramids in Central America and elsewhere. However, what we have come to believe is that it is a " Thoughts Altar" an archaic name for what we would call today a "thoughts transmitter/receiver" that is sending human thoughts to the cosmos to be added to the Universal Life Force.

It works by being on the Earth, a ball spinning at 1000 miles per hour at the equator. The transmissions from the pyramids are spewed out into all directions of space as the Earth rotates on its axis.

We can duplicate that design to build our own thoughts transmitter/receiver, so as to better reach the main pyramid and beyond. All we need is a personal pyramid and a spinning sphere. The sphere is a three dimensional unit, “ the perfect form/shape." In fact, all planets in our universe have a spherical form and they all rotate. We have to consider the value of this rotation and duplicate it within our transmitter/receiver.

We can transmit our thoughts to the Universe and to others. Just like our modern electronic transmitters transmit signals to satellites rotating overhead in space, our personal pyramids can transmit our thought to the rotating sphere and onwards to the Main Pyramid and then from one Earth bound human to another and BEYOND...

Our personal thoughts transmitter/receiver is a natural device. Now since this is a natural Earth-based device, they should be made of natural Earth minerals. A simple natural colored stone pyramid and a natural sphere are all that are needed in addition to a way to make our sphere rotate. That is, three parts: The pyramid, the sphere and the sphere holder to facilitate rotation of your sphere.
Of course, you probably want to transmit your thoughts to others and receive theirs. No problem. Just have them set up their own THOUGHTS transmitter/receiver and you are both in business.

Get your thought transmitter/receiver today and one for your loved one as well for when you are apart. Nothing transmits better than thoughts of love!