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Mansion of the Moon Goddess and Gods Poster

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Mansion of the Moon Goddess and Gods Poster




Description: The Gods and Goddesses of the Mansions of the Moon Limited Edition Art prints

Crystal Moon Astrology teaches us that the Moon in her orbit of the Earth monthly visits each the Mansions of the Moon, The Mansions of the Moon are 28 divisions of the Zodiac. You may well know the names of the 12 divisions of the Zodiac, they are the signs like Aries and Libra. The 28 divisions are the Mansions of the Zodiac and while they have ancient Arabic names in many Web sites, they have modern English interpretations that are relevant to today’s life

Each of these Mansions has several Spirits that bring their blessings to the energy of the Mansion. These spirits include Gods and Goddesses from many cultures and many parts of history, Here at the Crystal Vaults we teach people how to gain the intercession and blessings of these spirits using crystals. Each Friday night we offer a free lesson showing how to honor one or more of them using crystals to bring their blessings into your life and spirit.

We teach the use of a Sacred Space. This is sort of a portable altar that allows you to effectively honor and interact with the gods and goddesses. Part of that altar includes a picture or image of the god or goddess. We use the original art of Theresa Peters of Crystal Vaults. A talented artist and writer for the Crystal Vaults and the Crystal Inner Circle, her renditions of the gods and goddesses serve to bring them alive to our Sacred Spaces.

These are authorized prints of her art offered to you to aid in your quest to bring the blessings of the gods and goddesses into your life.

Size: 9 x 11 in poster, 265 gsm fine art paper, indoor use only

See Goddess and Gods information below.

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How To Use This Crystal

Listed in order of photos:

Amphitrite - Mansion of the Waves

Andromeda - Mansion of the Aurora

Apollo - Mansion of the Dawn

Artemis - Mansion of the Mountains

Athena - Mansion of the Stream

Belisama - Mansion of the Lake

Cailleach - Mansion of the Snows

Demeter - Mansion of the Steam

Fides - Mansion of the Flames of Passion

Freya - Mansion of the Sacred Flames

Hecate  - Mansion of the Free Spirits

Heimdall - Mansion of the Bridge

Hermes - Mansion of the Wings

Hestia - Mansion of the Hearth

Isis - Mansion of the Alchemist

Kali - Mansion of the River

Kuan Yin - Mansion of the Breath

Lakshmi - Mansion of the Red Dragon

Nuit  - Mansion of the Clouds

Oya - Mansion of the Storm

Pachamama - Mansion of the Trees

Pan - Mansion of the Valley

Persophone - Mansion of the Eagle

Rhiannon - Mansion of the Wind

Saraswati - Mansion of the Sky

Sekhmet - Mansion of the Herbalist

Set - Mansion of the Deserts

Yemeya - Mansion of the Sea