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Imbolc Crystal Kit

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Imbolc Crystal Kit


Number Available: 10



Description: This is our very special Imbolc Crystal Kit. This kit includes Garnet, Moonstone, Moss Agate, Sunstone, Agate, and Clear Quartz. You can read more about each of these crystals in the tabs below.

Imbolc, also known as Brigid's Day, is a Gaelic traditional festival marking the beginning of spring. It is believed that Imbolc was originally a pagan festival associated with the goddess Brigid and that it was Christianized as a festival of Saint Brigid. Imbolc is celebrated on February 1st; between the winter solstice and spring equinox.

You will receive the typical crystal kit shown. 

Size: Set of six stones. Size of the stones vary between 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch. 

Primary Uses: There are many different ways to celebrate. One way is with crystals that resonate with Imbolc energies. This kit and the energy of Brigid can help with renewal, rebirth, beginnings, cleansing, prosperity, awakening, change, fertility, transitions, protection, abundance, and growth. This kit comes with a free Brigid crystal grid that you can print out. Click here to download it. You can read more in the tabs below about how to use this grid with the kit. It is also recommended to light a white candle with either a spring or earthy scent to bring fire energy and guide Brigid's way. Click here to browse our candle stock.


How To Use This Crystal

Crystals Included
Brigid Grid
How to Use
  • Clear Quartz  - Clear Quartz crystals are the supreme gift of Mother Earth. Resonating at the level of an individual's needs, Clear Quartz also amplifies whatever energy or intent is programmed into it, and continues to broadcast that energy throughout the world and into the etheric realms. This may accelerate the fulfillment of one's prayers, intensify healing or spiritual growth, or simply allow the crystal to hold a pattern of energy long enough and strongly enough for the manifestation of a goal to occur.

    Garnet - Garnet, a stone of fire and vitality, has also been used for a long time in Winter Solstice celebrations. Garnet is a stone that helps you create a new life with your creative energy, complete your goals with enthusiasm and achieve your goals.

    Moonstone - Moonstone bestows a depth of feeling, a gentleness within the self that brings happiness to the environment in which it resides. Associated with the feminine, it enhances the intuitive side of the mind. It opens the mind to hoping and wishing, inspiration and impulse, serendipity and synchronicity. It brings flashes of insight, keeping one from negatively banishing possibilities. Yet it grants intuitive recognition and allows one to absorb that which is needed from the universe and not necessarily what is wanted. Moonstone is also known as 'the stone of new beginnings'.

    Moss Agate - Moss Agate is a stone that attracts abundance in all forms. It is well known for its benefits in agricultural pursuits and has been successful in promoting the growth of new crops. The Divinatory meaning of Moss Agate: A very lucky omen for the gradual growth of what you currently need most in your life, whether money, promotion, health or love.

    Sunstone - With the radiance of the sun and the fire of the solar ray, Sunstone carries the energy of Ra, the sun god, whose energy brings all potential life from within the Earth. It is a Stone of Leadership - of personal power, freedom, and expanded consciousness. Truly reflecting the qualities of Light, it brings openness, benevolence and warmth, strength, mental clarity, and the willingness and ability to bestow blessings upon others.

    Agate - Agate has a lower intensity and vibrates to a slower frequency than other stones, but is highly regarded as a stabilizing and strengthening influence. It promotes inner stability, composure, and maturity. Its warm, protective properties encourage security and self-confidence. Agate overcomes negativity and bitterness of the heart, by healing anger, fostering love, and lending the courage to start over.

  • We recommend printing out and using the Brigid crystal grid with your Imbolc Crystal Kit. Imbolc celebrates the goddess Brigid. She is said to come and visit your home during the time of Imbolc. In order to receive her blessings of protection, prosperity, abundance, and plentiful harvest, people would leave items out for her to marvel at and bless.

    The Brigid gird uses a Flower of Life grid pattern, invoking sacred geometry to help draw added power into the crystals. To create this grid, overlapping circles are used that can build infinitely outward and all geometric forms can be found within it. It symbolizes unity, new beginnings, creation, wholeness, creativity, and spirituality. It connects the Universe and all things together. It is a wonderful grid for healing, manifestation, and protection.

    Click here to download your free Brigid grid. It measures 5" x 3" (the size of an index card), making it easy to use wherever you need.

  • You will be able to use this crystal grid and crystal kit whenever you need to call on the strength and protection of Brigid. We recommend charging it on the night of Imbolc and letting Brigid stop by to bless them and protect your home and harvest (in modern times this would be your belongings and money).

    How to Use:

    1. On the night of Imbolc Festival (February 1st), find a safe place to put the Brigid grid outside. If you can't place it outside then in a windowsill would be fine. It just needs to be visible from outside and preferably touched by the Moon's light.
    2. Arrange all 6 crystals from the Imbolc Crystal Kit around the grid on the designated locations (the green dots on the grid).
    3. Use any kind of salt you have on hand (table salt, kosher salt, sea salt, and Epsom salt can all work) to sprinkle salt around the card being careful not to get any within the Flower of Life circle grid area. Outside this area on the card and on the ground is best. The salt works to keep the crystals protected from any lurking dark or negative energy nearby that might want to jump in.
    4. Now it's time to ask Brigid for what you desire. This can be said aloud, to yourself, or skipped altogether if you prefer. It is recommended you light a white candle while calling on Brigid. It brings fire energy to the area and can help guide her way. Some of our customers like to read blessings or incantations at this time. You can ask her to bring you abundance, prosperity, protection, a new beginning, a fresh start, and more.
    5. Leave the crystals out overnight or at least for a few hours under the light of the Moon. Carefully remove the crystals from the grid and return them to their pouch (or wherever you are storing them). You can put the grid away for later use when needed. The crystals have now been charged under the Imbolc Moon and blessed by Brigid to bring all the things you need to prosper during the remainder of the year. Keep these crystals nearby, meditate with them, put them on display, or simply keep them in their pouch and carry them with you. They will bring you many blessings and protection throughout the year.