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Botswana Agate Round Cabochon Set

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Botswana Agate Round Cabochon Set


Number Available: 23


Description: Beautiful Botswana Agate Cabochon Set. You are buying a set of four highly polished agates here. The colors are bright and the agates are high energy. The photo shows a typical set. You will be delighted with the set we send - Guaranteed.

Size: 19 x 5 mm, approximate weight is 13 grams. Sold in sets of four. 

Primary Uses: Botswana Agates are used for their quiet energy of balance and centering.

agate botswana

How To Use This Crystal

Talismans or Amulet
Feng Shui
Other Info
  • seeker transformerBotswana Agate is a Seeker Transformer. Seeker Transformers are talismans used when the desire is to find a way to transform a part of ones life to a more desirable state. 

    Seekers are used when we need some help to find a new path, a new approach, or in any quest to gain that which we desire but do not yet possess.  When they possess the Earth Power of the Transformer, like these Botswana Agates, they have the power to aid us to find new relationships that will transform some part of our life.

    The earth tone of brown and silver are usually found in Botswana Agates. They are often brown with silver bands.

    Brown is a very comfortable color to humans. It is the color of home, hearth, and nature. It makes us feel good.

    Brown is the color of the surface of the earth. It is the color of grounding and connection.

    It is the relaxation color, the color of being once again "on the ground" and at rest.

    It is a retreat color; a restful color. It is the most common color on Earth. Most animals and plants are brown in some parts.

    Silver crystals find patterns and the inner meanings of events. Use silver crystals and minerals for quiet meditation, finding your real purpose in life, and calm reflection on life's meanings.

  • These agates brings Wood Energy. Wood energy is traditionally associated with the East and Southeast areas of a home or room. It is associated with the Family and Health area and the Prosperity and Abundance area.

    Wood energy is vital to your well being It is associated with family, ancestors, and community. Use this stone in the East area of a room or home if you want to keep Qui, the Universal Life Force flowing properly there.

    These Botswana Agates will enhance energy flow aiding your efforts that are devoted to enhancing family and community.

  • Botswana Agates are used for grounding and centering in the beginning of a meditation ritual. They will allow you to harmonize with nature and ease the transition to the meditation state. Use one for the first few minutes of any meditation then switch to a crystal that attuned to the intent of your session.

  • Other practitioners report that Botswana Agates have an antidepressant quality. Melody in Love is in the Earth tells us it is used to stimulate the exploration of the unknown and that it enhances creativity. In the Encyclopedia of Crystals, Judy Hall find that Botswana Agate is used to cut the manipulative cords that tie you to a controlling person. She also notes it is excellent to help smokers quit smoking.

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