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Red Dragon Good Luck Draconids Grid

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Red Dragon Good Luck Draconids Grid

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DESCRIPTION:  Limited Edition Red Dragon Good Luck Draconids Grid.

Our new Red Dragon Good Luck Draconids Grid is a limited edition crystal grid. It is made specifically to be used during the Draconids Meteor Shower on October 7th into the morning of October 8th. 

The Draconid Meteor Shower is expected to be passing Earth between October 6th- 10th, having the highest visibility on the evening of October 7th. Named for Draco, the constellation the meteors originate from, this shower is what experts call a ‘sleeper’. This means that it rarely offers more than five meteors an hour. However, there have been several years that the conditions were favorable for hundreds of meteors. For example, during the 2011 shower, radar observations detected up to 1000 meteors per hour!

Whether the Draconids produce five, or five hundred, meteors, its passing indicates an auspicious time for crystal healing. Raining down from the mouth of the dragon, this meteor shower brings good fortune and prosperity. This crystal grid can help you make the most of the fortuitous energy that comes with the arrival of the Draconids.

The crystals used in this grid are Amethyst, Emerald, and Tiger's Eye.

Focus Stone: Attracts the Universal Life Force to the grid. Your Focus stone is an Amethyst. Amethyst is a type of Quartz, giving it the ability to gather the Universal Life Force and pass it to the paths of the grid. The amethyst/violet color energy passed on helps to increase good luck and fortune.

Way Stones: Amplify and modify the flow of energy through the grid. Your Way Stones are Emerald. Sacred ancient texts refer to Emerald as a gem of good luck, good fortune, and one that improves your wellbeing.

Desire Stones: Amplify and transmute the desired energy from the grid to you. Your Desire Stones are Tiger’s Eye. Throughout history, Tiger’s Eye has been called the stone of prosperity, known for its ability to bring the user power and good fortune.

SIZE:  5 x 7 inches

USE:  You will receive complete instructions for assembling and using the grid. It can be used at any time and set up in your home or a frequently used location to gain the energy of good luck, good fortune, and prosperity into your life. However, we highly recommend you assemble it during the meteor shower and let it sit outside under the cosmos for at least an hour.




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How To Use This Crystal

What's in the box
  • This is a complete Crystal Grid Kit.  it contains

    • Full Color 5x7" Grid

    • Complete instructions for assembly and use

    • 1 Amethyst, 6 Emerald, and 6 Tiger's Eye crystals