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 Trust in God Trinity Knot Grid Kit

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Trust in God Trinity Knot Grid Kit


Number Available: 10



This product is offered exclusively to members of the Crystal Inner Circle. Learn more here:  

Description: Complete Trust in God Grid Set based on the Celtic Trinity Knot.  Legend tells us it may be symbolic of the three domains of earth, sea and sky. There is also a possible link to lunar and solar phases as a number of Trinity knot symbols have been found alongside Celtic era solar and lunar symbols.This is a complete grid kit including all crystals and instructions  '

 The Focus Stone (F) Gathers the Universal Life Force into the grid. Your Focus stone is a Quartz point. It brings you the Universal Life Force in the form of light and is the pure White Light of creation. It provides the highest form of Light and serves as a reflection of the soul. Clear Quartz will emulate and amplify any intention programmed into it. 

The Spirit Stones (S) Bring the blessings of a spirit guide. Your Spirit stones are Silver Topaz. This crystal embodies the energy of the spirit and brings awareness. They are known for opening the Crown and etheric chakras which helps to enhance spiritual development.

 The Way Stones (W) Amplify and modify the flow of energy. Your Way Stones are Sodalite. Using this stone on your grid will bring you insight, awakening, and connect you with the Universal Life Force. It calms and provides stillness to the mind to inspire new perspectives on life.

The Desire Stones (D) Your Desire stones are Amethyst. It stimulates the higher mind to receive one’s spiritual power as a creation of the Divine being and to open to the insights, wisdom, and guidance that is offered. Its carries a high spiritual vibration of humility and devotion to the Divine

Size: 8 x 10 inches 

Primary Uses:  This grid is designed to help you grow your trust in God.


How To Use This Crystal

What's in the box
The Crystals
The Grid
Grid Protector
Grid Design
  • Set complete - what's in the boxThis is a complete Crystal Grid Kit.  it contains

    A sturdy storage box 

    The Focus Stone with Pouch

    The Spirit Stone set with Pouch

    The Way Stone Set with Pouch;

    The Desire Stone set with Pouch

    The complete, illustrated instruction sheet

    A 8  x 10 inch heavy top loading grid protector

    An 8 x 10 inch prints of the grid design




    The Focus Stone  is clear quartz


    The Spirit Stones are Silver Topaz



    The Way Stones are Sodalite


    The Desire Stones will be Amethyst

  •  The grid is built on the design you have selected


  • Protection The Grid Protector.  The Grid protector is the ultimate in protection! This rigid grid protectors will not only protect and store your grid art,…but will enhance its appearance, and preserving its value. It allow you to easily change out the grid design or the grid design for something more personal.  These clear rigid-edged plastic protectors allow you to view both sides of the item.  Store your guide in the back and protect it forever.  They are sealed on three sides to prevent tearing of the edges. These protectors open on the short side. The opening is an 1/8” larger to allow your item to slip in and out easily..  They are made from durable high-impact rigid 16 mil PVC vinyl per side with a 40 mil opening.•The high grade PVC used does not contain plasticizers or stearates. It is made of 100% “non-migrating” vinyl that will not harm your materials while offering maximum protection and visual appeal.

  • The Design is a full color 8 x 10 inch print of the original art. It is protected within the photo protector.