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Good Decisions Grid Kit

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Good Decisions Grid Kit


Number Available: 1



Description:   This is a complete "Good Decisions" Crystal Grid Set.  It is complete with all crystals and stones, grid design, grid visuals, grid protector, storage box, and complete illustrated instructions for assembly and use. A Citrine Point will serve you as a Focus Stone. Tiger's Eye will be your Way Stones. Stichtite will be your Desire Stones. 

The kit also includes the full color 8 x 10 inch grid design, a heavy duty printed grid overlay, a grid protection sleeve, and a storage box. Details are in the tabs below.  

See the tabs below for photos and details of this grid.  Also see our FREE Crystal Grid Guide for even more information.  

Source:  EarthSong Studios, USA

Size: 8 x 10 inches 

Primary Uses: Our lives are constantly made up by decisions. Each one determines where the path before us will lead to. That is why it is important for us to make the right decisions. This grid will serve you as a personal decision-making coach. Its energy flow will focus on you and give you the right energies to make sure each decision you make is the correct one.


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How To Use This Crystal

What's in the box
The Crystals
The Grid
Grid Protector
Grid Overlay
Grid Design
  • Set complete - what's in the boxThis is a complete Crystal Grid Kit.  From top to bottom, and left to right, it contains

    A sturdy storage box 

    The Citrine Point Focus Stone with Pouch

    The Way Stone set of Tumbled Tiger's Eye with Pouch

    The Desire Stone set of Tumbled Stichtite with Pouch

    The complete, illustrated instruction sheet

    An 8 x 10 heavy top loading grid protector

    A full color 8 x 10 print of the grid design

    A transparent grid overlay.  


  • THE FOCUS STONE  In order to make true and worthy decisions, you must have a clear mind. Decisions should never be made when you are stressed, worried, confused, or in any negative state of mind. A Citrine Point will be your Focus Stone. Its yellow rays will bring you the energies of alertness, clarity, and consciousness.

     THE WAY STONES Tiger's Eye will be your Way Stones. Their vibrant golden rays will aid you in having a confident mindset. You must be sure of yourself when it comes to making good decisions. They will also bring the energies of success, enthusiasm, satisfaction, and authority to you.

    THE DESIRE STONES You seek to make the right decisions, and you wish to make them easily. Stichtite will be your Desire Stones. Their radiant amethyst colors will bring you strength to your perception and discernment.

  • grid

    The Grid is the TRIPOD OF LIFE - The design of balance and stability. The Grid is printed on an 8 X 10 inch transparency. 

  • Protection The Grid Protector.  The Grid protector is the ultimate in protection! This rigid grid protector will not only protect and store your grid art,…but will enhance its appearance, and preserve its value. It allows you to easily change out the grid or the grid design for something more personal.  These clear rigid-edged plastic protectors allow you to view both sides of the item.  Store your guide in the back and protect it forever.  They are sealed on three sides to prevent tearing of the edges. These protectors open on the short side. The opening is an 1/8” larger to allow your item to slip in and out easily. They are made from durable high-impact rigid 16 mil PVC vinyl per side with a 40 mil opening.•The high grade PVC used does not contain plasticizers or stearates. It is made of 100% “non-migrating” vinyl that will not harm your materials. while offering maximum protection and visual appeal..

  • clear overlayThe Grid overlay is a sheet of heavy clear plastic printed with the Grid. This allows for you to change out the grid for a different design if you desire.

  • DesignThe Design is a full color 8 x 10 inch profession print of the original art by Brittani - It is protected within the photo protector, but easily changed for your art or photo.