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Crystal Portal of Destiny Kit

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Crystal Portal of Destiny Kit

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Description: If you are interested in seeing what may lie ahead in your life, you might try using the Crystal Portal of Destiny.   

The Crystal Portal of Destiny Kit includes two Destiny Imaging Stones (beautiful colorful, mesmerizing crystal Bismuth), a Master Timeline to the Future Elixir Crystal Spray, and a Violet Flame of Perception soy candle infused with Amethyst.

Please Note: Due to the unique nature of crystals, all the Bismuth crystals are unique. The ones shown in the images are just examples. You will receive similar, just as beautiful ones.

Bismuth makes an unending array of exquisite crystal clusters.   In using it as a portal,  the subtlety, forms, hues, shapes, designs, and swirls of rainbow colors create a perfect portal.  Combined with the Master Timeline to the Future Crystal Spray and the Violet Flame of Perception candle you have a portal to visions of your future.  

Primary Uses:  Find a very quiet place where you will not be disturbed.  Darken the room a bit, but not too dim.  Light your Flame of Perception and place it near your Destiny Imaging Stones.  Now apply a light spritz of the Master Timeline to the Future Crystal  Spray to the Destiny Imaging Stones

Sit very quietly and focus your complete attention on the designs and colors of the Destiny Imaging Stones.  Silently imagine the forms, shapes, designs, colors, and spirit of the stones to merge, mutate, change, and go in and out of focus.  Just watch and try to see what shapes, designs, ideas, and pictures the Cosmos sends you. 

This does not take too much time.  Often just 10 minutes or so is long enough to get several clear images. 

Now the next part is to consider what the images might mean.  Here you only need time.  Your mind will take it from here.  Over the next few hours, you will be quite surprised as your mind and subconscious process the experience and bring you meanings and directions.

Do not expect clarity.  The cosmos does not work that way.  You will get hints, glimpses, and feelings.  And remember the result is a map of what might be.  You will be better prepared for the future, but what it becomes will depend on how you use the map.

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How To Use This Crystal

This kit is designed for a single user.  Please keep it where others will not handle it