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Mansion of the Dawn Aromatherapy Diffuser Set

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Mansion of the Dawn Aromatherapy Diffuser Set


Number Available: 2



DESCRIPTION: This is a set of an essential oil mix and a crystal energy elixir set for use each month when the moon is in the third mansion, the Mansion of the Dawn. The elixir for this set is made with pure Sunstone, Carnelian, Picture Jasper, Petrified Wood, and Clear Quartz.  The essential oils are a mix of Patchouli, Cedarwood, and Cinnamon leaf.

The Mansions of the Moon are the 28 divisions of the Zodiac transited by the Moon in its 28-day orbit of the Earth.  Each of the mansions has a special energy that the moon brings us when it is in that mansion. If you want to track the moon and understand its effects on your spirit and life - get your Daily Crystal Horoscope kit.

As the moon transits the third Mansion, we are in a time of Enlightenment and banishing darkness and dark thoughts. The energy of the Universe is that of growing hope, creativity, and courage. This is a wonderful time. Look forward to the time when the Moon transits this Mansion for it is the time of courage in the face of all our troubles and worries and the time we will find the energy to find creative solutions to our issues.

This is the Mansion of caregivers, those in distress, those that have suļ¬€ered losses and those that comfort them. Life has its ups and downs. When it seems there is more loss than gain, the need for hope becomes strong. During the time of the Moon’s transit of this Mansion, you will find the strength to carry on and again prosper in your personal life.

The Mansion of the Dawn is one that is a mixture of the element of Fire and the element of Earth. The Fire energy of Aries combines with the Earth energy of Taurus to make our hearts glow with a warm, steady flame of hope.  This aromatherapy mixture brings that flame of hope to you.  While it is most powerful when used when the moon is in the third mansion, it can be used all month long as well.  

Note: Does not include stones.

SOURCE: EarthSong Studios Alchemists  

SIZE: This set includes one 5ml bottle of aromatherapy oil and one 5ml bottle of crystal elixir to be added to your diffuser or aromatherapy pad at the same time

Primary Uses: This crystal aromatherapy diffuser set has been specially designed to use each month when the moon visits the third mansion, the Mansion of the Dawn.  It will augment the prevailing energy of the Universal Life Force as bestowed on us by the moon. Use this elixir to concentrate on the life ahead of you. Look for new ways to live and achieve your goals. The energy is that of new discoveries that will bring hope alive. This essence will kindle the wonder of the dawn and bring a feeling of hope and good cheer. 

Store in a cool, dry place.



How To Use This Crystal

•Do not diffuse oils around newborns, babies, young children, pregnant or nursing women, or pets unless you are sure they are safe.

•If you have allergies, asthma or a similar condition you may find that diffusing essential oils, which have strong fragrances, may trigger respiratory a reaction. Stop inhaling or diffusing essential oils if this is the case. 

•Use a diffuser for about 30–45 minutes at a time for the most effectiveness.

•Keep all essential oils away from flames (candles, gas, etc.) as they can be highly flammable.